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the mount vernon trail past the airport to the mall or just zip down the street around the corner and you don't have to be a cyclist to appreciate the system. >> it's more caring about our community and wanting us to be more healthy and more environmentally friendly. >> reporter: in arlington karen gray houston, fox 5 news. the news keeps coming tonight. here's brian bolter tonight with the news edge at 11:00. >> we're kicking off tonight with a story we broke last week. a rash of armed robberies near the university of maryland has the campus on edge. police have made arrests, but the news is bittersweet because there's been another attack. fox 5's wisdom martin live in the newsroom now exclusive information. >> last week we broke the story about an arrest in the college robberies. police released video of the suspect using credit cards at two local convenience stores. after that story aired investigators were loaded with calls that led them to the first arrest and tonight a second suspect is in custody. prince george's county police
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say andrew hillics of silver spring is one of three men who robbed students at gunpoint august 8th in college park. this is video of hillex at a convenience store in silver spring using the victims' credit card. sunday he turned him into police. he is charged with armed robbery and possession of a handgun. >> we keep hearing about all the new crimes happening on campus, but you don't really hear about the arrests. so too t would be reassuring to -- it would be reassuring to know justice is being served. >> reporter: last week this suspect was arrested, 19-year- old shenor jah for his part in an armed robbery august 8th. this is video of him using the victim's credit card that way. investigators caught him on his way to work with a loaded handgun in his backpack. >> that's awesome. that makes you feel better. >> reporter: police are still looking for these two suspects from a july 27th attack. they are using the victim's credit card at a 7-eleven store in land jove.
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>> i understand it's pretty hard to find -- hanover. >> i understand it's pretty hard to find people. they rob you and run away. >> reporter: now there's news of another attack in this shopping plaza near campus. at 4:23 in the morning a man was robbed and beaten by a group of suspects. sadly some students are no longer fazed when they hear about another crime in college park. >> it concerns me, but it doesn't surprise me. so honestly like that news is just going right over my head now because i hear it all the time. >> it's a little disheartening. it happens quite often. >> reporter: police are asking for anyone who may have recognized someone in that video to contact crime stoppers as soon as possible. police also say the victim in the last attack was intoxicated at the time and unable to give a description of his attackers. the suspects are working in groups and looking for victims in college park who are students. they are considered armed and dangerous. following a developing story now, a restaurant robber that authorities need your help
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tracking down. investigators think he's responsible for nearly 40 restaurant robberies in maryland, delaware, pennsylvania and northern virginia. the string of robberies began in february of last year. police have not caught up with this guy yet. they're offering a $10,000 reward for your information that might lead to an arrest. we have new details in the death it of a young maryland woman. tonight investigators have new leads in the unsolved murder. 19-year-old tanessa taylor's brother said she was bipolar and schizophrenic. her body was found six months ago beaten and buried in a shallow grave. shannon watkins and casey boone are two persons of interest in the case. they believe taylor knew them through prostitution. >> you take a young girl who is very impressionable, it's very easy for her to get swept up into that negative kind of lifestyle and unfortunately that's precisely what happened to her and these are two people that she was involved in that with. >> police say there were rumors that taylor tried to tip off investigators about a robbery.
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that might have been why she was killed. we are staying on top of a fox 5 investigation we started tonight at 10:00. imagine taking a handicapped parking spot away from someone who really needed it because you didn't want to dent your car. just one of several excuses fox 5 investigative reporter tisha thompson got when she started asking people why they were pulling into these spots. she joins us live from suitland with more. >> reporter: we got a tip from a viewer about people abusing the handicapped parking spaces here at the branch avenue metro station, especially these van accessible spaces. so we decided to see what would happen when a guy who really needs a space this big showed up. it's 10:00 in the morning and lee page can't find a parking space near the entrance to the branch avenue metro station. >> these are all taken. >> reporter: for most drives it's a nuisance to park so far -- drivers it's a nuisance to park so far away. for lee it's a very real
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problem. >> i sustained a spinal cord injury back in 1983 when i was in a car wreck. >> reporter: lee says there are two types of accessible parking, regular handicapped spaces and van accessible spots with extra wide aisles on so drivers in wheelchairs can get out of their van. >> for a van with a side lift you need a lot of space because there have been many times where i have, you know, been able to get out and come back to my parking space and a car has parked very closely. i've had to ask strangers to back my car up or i've had to go inside and wait till owner of that car comes out. >> reporter: in this metro lot there's roughly one van accessible space for every row of handicapped parking, but we found they are often the first to go. around 5 a.m. this man told us he needs disabled parking because of his legs and back. we notice you parked in the van accessible site and there are
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very few of those and those are meant specifically with people of wheelchairs. were you even aware of that? >> no. >> reporter: he quickly moved his truck. joyce bridges says she also has problems with her back and knees. >> i never really paid attention honestly. i know it's a handicapped, but i never noticed the van accessible park. i really never noticed that before. >> reporter: james hopkins who also says he has problems with his knees told us he knows the spaces are specifically meant for van lifts. >> i am aware, but also i'll be parking on this end keeps me from getting a whole lot more dents in my vehicle. >> that's disappointing and irritating. >> reporter: page says more than anyone, other disabled drivers should know how important it is to protect designated spaces for those who really need them. >> i understand that there are other vehicles that can use that space. i'm not saying it's reserved specifically for me, but it is reserved for those who drive vans with lifts. >> reporter: page says there's
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one way metro can crack down on the problem and that is by making people prove that the permits that they have hanging from their dashboards actually belong to them and if they don't, metro ought to confiscate them. that's what leaf says. now we asked metro. met -- lee says. now we asked metro. metro says they just don't do that kind of enforcement. still ahead it's not just the economy making it tough on automakers. coming up why generation y isn't helping cars roll off the lot either. and when it comes to distracted driving, the under 30 crowd is at the top of the list, the wake-up call we all need to hear. >> it's going to be pretty chilly when we wake up tomorrow morning, a lot of places heading for the 40s, but a big warm-up is coming our way later this week. but first a quick check of that rundown. the news edge at 11:00 will be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. úh>h
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it is a new gimmick to help you quit smoking, but one group is pulling the plug on e cigarettes. shawn yancy now with your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight, brian, don't try lighting up your e cigarette on an airplane. no. 5, they may be advertised as a healthier alternative to regular smoke, even safe for an airplane, but all u.s. airlines have banned electronic cigarettes. e cigarettes use a cartridge with a mixture of nicotine and other chemicals instead of fire but still give off a vapor that others could inhale. no. 4, would you eat genetically altered salmon? the fda is considering a request from a company that says the process is safe and make the fish grow twice as fast. the critics argue humans could ingest some of that growth hormone and it could also cause allergies. no word when the fda will make a final decision. no. 3, there could be a link between the h1n1 virus and seizures. the new study looked at two groups of kids, children who had h1n1 and kids who had the
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seasonal flu. they found kids with h1n1 had more seizures and other nervous system problems than kids who just had the seasonal flu. no. 2, don't have a bike? no problem. d.c.'s bike share program is now in full gear. you can now pick up a bike from locations citywide, ride it in the district, even in parts of virginia and then return it by the end of october there will be 1,100 bikes available and you can sign up by going to and clicking on web links and finally no. 1 tonight, distracted driving can be deadly and it's getting worse. deadly crashes associated with distracted driving jumped from 10 to 16% between 2005 and 2009. the national highway traffic safety administration reports nearly 5,500 people were killed in distracted driving crashes last year alone. young people under age of 20 are the most affected age group. tomorrow the department of transportation will hold a distracted driving summit here in the district. brian? >> thank you, shawn. they are a tough sell for car dealers, adults under 30,
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the so-called generation y-ers. they don't drive a lot and don't view cars as a status symbol according to a new study from the study found young adults are more environmentally conscious and more likely to carpool or use mass transit. they eat just about everything and that's the problem. coming up how stein diane any stink bugs are causing major -- tiny stink bugs are causing economic damage for farmers in our area and sue palka will be back with our forecast. and america needs jobs.
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wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
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bp claims it doesn't want it to happen again and will work with other oil giants to improve its response to oil spills. the pledge comes two days after its blown-out well was officially declared dead. bp says it will share equipment and its expertise with other companies. the deep water horizon oil rig exploded in april sending more than 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico. they are small, maybe the size of your fingernail, but they could cause huge economic damage. talking about stink bugs, want the ones in our area all a -- not the ones in our area all along. there's a new invader eating just crop in its sight and in
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some parts of western maryland they have already caused massive damage. fox 5's beth parker has that story. >> reporter: they may not look like much but they're tough. >> little armored tanks. i call them a lot of other names i can't put on camera. >> reporter: the brown marmarated stink bug sen any no. 1. >> the pest of most -- is enemy no. 1. >> the pest of most concern. >> reporter: and the usda. >> we are very concerned. this pest takes precedence over any other problem that we have. >> reporter: they have all come together to try to help. at bob black's orchard in thurmont maryland the stink bug infestation has cost him 20% of his apple crop this year and for some people it's much worse. >> we have 80% to sell of great quality apples, so we're in great shape, but we don't want that to maybe go to 30% damage next year. >> reporter: native to asia this insect with a striped antenna appeared in the u.s. in
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the mid-1990s. tracy leske made the first detection in maryland if 2003. they have no natural predators. >> as they are reproducing there's nothing attacking them. >> reporter: and they're feasting. >> it feeds on almost everything we grow. >> reporter: they don't burrow through like a worm. instead they suck the juice sort of like drinking from a straw. >> they literally suck the juice out of the cells, so that dries up and ends up being a corky spot there. >> reporter: now the fda is wanting a proposal from congress. >> growers like bob black needs answers next year. it's too late for this year, but they will have to have some kind of a very rational approach to dealing with this pest in the coming year. >> reporter: back on bob black's farm he has great looking apples. he hopes the future is this bright, too. in maryland beth parker, fox 5 news. speaking of crops, now deal with the weather, harvest season for the vineyards throughout in virginia and maryland. nice and hot.
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it's been a good summer. >> it's good for them. last year they had too much rain in the fall and we're very dry now. i'm sure the farmers are saying come on, we need something. we have a couple chances for rain but it's not enough. it's just hit or miss showers, maybe a couple thunderstorms around the area but not tomorrow. it is a beautiful evening and tell you what, if you thought today was nice, tomorrow is even nicer. so i think it's got some of september's best weather on tap for us. meanwhile our weather headlines tonight, we're talking about a crisp evening, but then we are really going to bring on some of the best that september has to offer and that is your tuesday forecast. mid-week we'll get hot and maybe even a little humid and we're talking temperatures near 90 beginning wednesday and thursday as well as friday before we cool it off a little bit. what's ironic is fall begins wednesday night at 11:09 on one of our hotter days and we'll keep that string of 90s going we started this year. we're well into the 60s. some late showers possible
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overnight wednesday into thursday and overnight friday into the first part of saturday. it's not looking like a lot of rain, though, folks. temperature today for us 81. look at the contrast. it was 65 in rochester for the high, 68 in detroit, but raleigh of 93, atlanta 96, a lot of heat building on the weather map. you can see this little rock was 98 degrees, wichita 92. so warm out there while we were very comfortable in the middle and we continue to watch the departing hurricane igor which yet is still a hurricane tonight. that is quickly moving away. it did do some damage in bermuda. we're also watching the rain that was associated with hurricane karl. karl made a landfall in mexico with some very heavy rain affecting parts of texas, corpus christi getting over 7 inches. that is going to be lightening up and we'll watch for a couple fronts to bring our rain in this direction as we go through the week. meanwhile temperatures are dropping to the 50s in some spots, everyone else holding onto the 60s, 57 gaithersburg, manassas 54, 57 in the district
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and we're headed for the 40s and 50s tonight with a big area of high pressure right on top of us, winchester 45, chantilly 48 and d.c. about 55 degrees. forecast tonight clear and chilly with those 40s in the suburbs, 55 degrees downtown, a beautiful day tomorrow after a chilly start. we climb to 79 degrees. again we're watching our hurricane igor move away. it is actually still technically a hurricane at this hour and it is going to be affecting newfoundland. the only other thing we need to watch is in the far eastern atlantic closer to africa, but that could also become tropical storm lisa in the next couple days. meanwhile we watch for things to heat up, 87 wednesday, thursday 89, and friday 89. we could get up and over 90 a couple of these days and maybe a couple chances for showers in our forecast. if you watched the skins game, you know it was pretty exciting and ultimately disappointing. dave feldman has a wrap on what we watched with the texans when we come back.
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♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there...
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... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ greetings. i'm dave feldman in. week one it was the stingy defense that helped washington win their first game of the mike shanahan era. yesterday week two, the defense the weak link. 426 yards passing by donovan mcnabb insufficient to settle the issue against the hews ann texans, just over -- hews ann texans, just over two minutes left -- houston texans just over 2 minutes left, a 34-yard
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touchdown, tied the game. we go into overtime and the skins would fall 30-27. today d'angelo hall said from now on he wants to cover the opponent's top receiver and shouldn't that be defensive coordinator jim haslett's decision? >> this don't matter what he says. it's my team. it's my defense. so i'm going to probably be the receiver. that's what i'm going to do if we got to do that to win games. haz has seen me play over the years and know i like to do that. i don't see that as a problem at all. >> you want guys that know they can get the job ton. any time you have a ball thrown -- done. any time you have a ball thrown up in the air on 4th and 10 and don't come down with it, obviously it's frustrating for those guys. >> mike shanahan started the trend of calling time-outs just before kicks, did it when he was head coach of the broncos in 2007. redskins had a chance to win in
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overtime. kicker graham gano from 52 yards out but right before the kick you hear the whistle. gano made the kick, but the texans head coach gary kubiak called a time-out just prior to the snap. gano from 52 yards takes two, not as good. the field goal with the kicker asked today if he was at all surprised the texans iced him with a time-out. >> i knew right on that first kick they were going to call a time-out, especially that distance and me being a young kicker, i knew it was going to happen, but i have no excuses, just got to do better next time. >> the team did receive some encouraging news. the mri on rookie trent williams' left knee came back negative. shanahan won't know until wednesday whether or not the big guy can play sunday. the injury occurred late in the 4th quarter. meanwhile the nats opened up a 10 game homestand tonight, the last one of the season. hard to believe. nats return home after getting swept by the phillies. they're also 2-9 in their last
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11. hosting the astros 5th inning tied at 2 when houston's catcher takes out levan hernandez. nats give up seven runs in the inning. the fly ball goes to shallow right. danny espinoza, only 10,999 there to see it, lowest attendance in nats history. they fall 8-2. orioles beat the red sox 8-2. crazy moment tonight in philly hosting the braves 7th inning. jason whether at bat and some dude in a red -- jayson werth at bad. some man in a red spandex suit comes out. jayson werth was laughing at this and he said i saw this idiot coming at me, i thought i better trip him than tase him. tase him, bro. sorry. had to do it. brian is back with more right after this. have a good night. .
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well, sports is over, but you'll get the point here. did you see this? roam's coliseum numb flames over the weekend -- rome's

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